Samsung pants with pockets for the Galaxy Z Flip3 were unveiled

Samsung unveiled jeans that received a special pocket for the Galaxy Z Flip3 foldable smartphone. The jeans are produced in collaboration with the Dr. Denim brand.

A unique pocket fits on the right hip and is sized specifically for the latest foldable smartphone. In this case, the rest of the pockets are either sewn up or completely removed.

Who needs big pockets? They take up too much space, don't look stylish, and the latest phones don't fit snugly into them. Big pockets are a thing of the past with the new jeans with a pocket that fits exclusively the Galaxy Z Flip3. - Samsung

These jeans are priced at AU $ 1,499 (about $ 1,120). Considering that buyers receive a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone with 128GB of flash memory as a gift, the offer may be of interest to fans.

The information on the Australian website Samsung shows that the Galaxy Z Flip3 costs so much in the country, that is, in fact, these jeans are a gift.

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