Samsung Rollable Flex and Slideble Flex such screens will be used in new devices of the company

South Korean company Samsung Display has long been working on new types of screens for mobile devices, the screens of which can change their size in different ways. Now Samsung Display has launched a new website that provides a glimpse into the future of new technologies. This is Samsung's platform to showcase its designs, to preview and showcase all future foldable and stretchable OLED displays.

In particular, the site mentions Rollable Flex and Slideble Flex screens. The former will be able to roll up into a tube, like the screens of previously released LG TVs, while the latter seems to visually stretch, but in fact, bend around the body of the device when it is unfolded and folded.

Back in May, Samsung registered the Z Rollable trademark. This is further proof that the South Korean company intends to introduce such a device in the near future.

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