Samsung's largest 20 kg tumble dryer introduced

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its newest tumble dryer designed for 20 kg of laundry. The Bespoke Grande Dryer AI has been certified by the Korean regulator as the largest producer in its category.

Since the beginning of 2021, Samsung has continued to focus on the production of large-capacity dryers in the domestic market. In a press release for the Korean launch of the Bespoke Grande Dryer AI, the company said that up to 60% of its dryer sales are for models that carry 17kg or more.

Dryer Samsung Bespoke Grande Dryer AI 20 is an improved version of the 19 kg model from Samsung. It has a large drying capacity largely due to the fact that Samsung has increased the heat transfer area of ​​the condensing unit of the heat exchanger by about 18%. The design efficiency has also been increased to provide a significant improvement in drying performance.

With its unchanged size, the new Grande Dryer AI will attract the attention of individuals and corporations looking to optimize their performance. The new product inherits the features and benefits of the existing Bespoke Grande Dryer AI with increased drying capacity. This product utilizes several Samsung patented heating and drying technologies. The drying time is also significantly reduced.

Samsung offers lifetime warranty service and free replacements for digital inverter motors and digital inverter compressors that may fail during product use. The Bespoke Grande AI 20 kg dryer is sold in Korea for about $ 1,500.

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