Separation of VMware from Dell Technologies is complete

Last summer it became known that Dell Technologies is considering spinning off VMware. At the time, Dell Technologies had an 81% stake in VMware, and the company decided that “the separation can benefit both Dell Technologies and VMware shareholders, team members, customers, and partners by simplifying capital structures and creating added long-term value for the enterprise. ".

This week VMware and Dell Technologies announced the completion of the VMware separation from Dell Technologies. As stated in a related press release, the division "gives VMware more freedom to implement its multicloud strategy, simplifies its capital structure and management model, and provides additional operational and financial flexibility."

The terms of the spin-off included a special cash dividend of $ 11.5 billion paid on November 1, 2021, to all VMware shareholders (at $ 27.40 per share).

VMware and Dell will continue to work together as strategic partners.

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