SiP has become the mainstream technology direction beyond Moore's Law in the future

International Symposium on Sensors and MEMS Industrialization Technology (and Achievements Exhibition) was held in Haicang, Xiamen. Goertek Microelectronics Co., Ltd., which focuses on the R&D and production of MEMS sensors and system module products, attended the conference.

According to Wang Dexin, R&D director of Goertek, Goertek was established in October 2017. In December 2019, Goertek reorganized its microelectronics business and was operated by Goertek.

Goertek's products are widely used in smart phones and peripheral smart terminals, smart wearables, smart homes, automotive electronics, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Relevant data shows that Goertek ranks sixth in the global MEMS company rankings in 2020, and is the only Chinese company to enter the top ten.

Wang Dexin also introduced the industry trend of MEMS sensors. "In the era of AI and 5G, terminal products are developing in the direction of integration, miniaturization, multi-function, and intelligence. The realization of intelligence requires the integration of multiple technologies. Everyone knows that sensors have become an intelligent portal, which is information collection. The most basic point."

Taking smart wearable devices as an example, sports and health attributes continue to strengthen, and compactness, lightness, fashion, and long battery life have also become important development trends.

So how to achieve the miniaturization of equipment? Wang Dexin pointed out that there are currently two solutions, one is SoC and the other is SiP.

As far as SoC is concerned, the IC manufacturing process is close to the physical limit, the development space of SoC is limited, and the price/performance ratio of SoC is not so high.

" Compared with SoC, SiP has the advantages of heterogeneous integration, short development cycle, and low development cost . It will become the mainstream technology direction that exceeds Moore's Law in the future." Wang Dexin said.

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