SpaceX apologizes to Starlink broadband subscribers

The US commercial space company SpaceX apologized to some subscribers of Starlink's broadband business a few days ago because it failed to execute the scheduled order for the installation of satellite broadband in time. The company said that the semiconductor is out of stock. As a result, the production of some network components of Starlink Broadband has been delayed.

Starlink is currently a sub-business of SpaceX, which specializes in providing Internet broadband access services to the ground population in remote areas through a large number of satellites. For broadband customers who paid a deposit of US$100 in the first half of 2021, the Starlink team once promised them that the Beta version of satellite broadband services will be launched in their respective regions from the middle of this year to the end of the year.

This week, many Starlink broadband subscribers complained on social media that although they have been waiting for SpaceX to install equipment for several months, they will only be able to enjoy the company's satellite broadband service next year.

A few days ago, the Starlink team posted an apology on Twitter. The Starlink team stated that there has been a chip shortage in the past six months, which has affected the production plan and installation capacity of broadband equipment, resulting in the company being unable to complete all customer orders for the installation of satellite broadband kits within this year.

The Starlink team wrote: "We apologize for this delay. Our engineering, supply chain and production teams are working hard to improve and simplify our products and factories to increase production speed."

The Starlink team stated that customers who have already booked can check the expected delivery time of broadband equipment at any time in the Starlink dedicated account.

It should be pointed out that the Starlink team previously stated that the global chip shortage crisis has affected the production of satellite broadband user terminal antennas. This kind of antenna is commonly known as the "little pot", which is used to connect Internet access equipment to SpaceX's 1,639 communication satellites currently deployed in space orbit.

American consumer Jesse Nowlin once placed a pre-order in February this year to install Starlink Broadband for his house in San Diego, California. Norin told the American media that SpaceX recently notified him of bad news that broadband will not be installed from the end of 2021 to the end of the year. The Starlink team has postponed the installation time to January 2022.

In May, Nolin placed a second order for the installation of broadband for his house in another location, but Starlink has postponed the installation time to mid-to-end of 2022.

Nolin said that the two homes where he installed broadband are located in rural areas of the United States, and the only option is to use satellite to connect to the Internet.

On Wednesday, a user complained on Reddit, a popular online forum in the United States: "We are disappointed by the so-called first-come, first-served promise that this company lied to us."

Another Reddit user said that he is considering withdrawing the $100 deposit from SpaceX, "If I apply now, broadband will not be installed until 2022. I might have moved by then."

In October of this year, foreign media reported that some consumers who ordered satellite broadband, they waited for a full eight months, and finally were completely disappointed to get back the $100 deposit.

In addition, according to media reports in September, some scheduled users of Starlink business were very disappointed because after paying the deposit, they were unable to contact SpaceX Starlink department via email or phone to obtain the latest news of the order progress.

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