T-Mobile announces that its "super-capacity" 5G now covers 200 million Americans

T-Mobile announced today that it's high-speed "super-capacity" 5G has now been provided to 200 million people in the United States. The operator has reached this milestone several weeks earlier than planned.

According to reports, "super-capacity" 5G is T-Mobile's higher-speed 5G network, faster than the extended 5G network covering 308 million T-Mobile customers. Although the extended range 5G provides speeds similar to LTE, the "super-capacity" 5G is more capable.

T-Mobile originally planned to cover 200 million people by the end of 2021, and has now achieved this goal ahead of schedule. According to The Verge, this is the theoretical maximum based on the coverage provided by T-Mobile. In reality, T-Mobile has only more than 100 million users. Due to location or device limitations, not all users can get the full 5G speed.

T-Mobile's "super-capacity" 5G mainly relies on the intermediate frequency 2.5GHz spectrum, rather than the millimeter-wave 5G spectrum used by other operators such as AT&T and Verizon. AT&T and Verizon's faster millimeter wave 5G is mainly limited to specific areas in large cities.

AT&T and Verizon plan to launch mid-band spectrum starting this year, but their plans have been postponed due to concerns about aircraft interference by US regulators.

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