TCL Huaxing: Designed and mass-produced a variety of flat panel displays with 120Hz + active capacitive pen technology

TCL Huaxing said today that with the development of tablet product technology, active capacitive pens (referred to as "active pens") have become standard for most tablet products.

According to reports, at the end of 2020, TCL Huaxing's In-Cell active pen technology based on LTPS technology has obtained WGP and MPP dual certification. Compared with the previous stylus, it has higher recognition accuracy, faster response speed, and supported touch protocols. More.

TCL Huaxing pointed out that based on the drive theory of the whole machine touch to display, the 120Hz refresh rate shortens the processing interval of each frame. In addition to the improvement in display, it should deal with all types of active pens. The touch delay has been greatly improved.

TCL Huaxing repeatedly tested and showed that the time interval from the active pen touch to the screen display is captured by the high-speed camera in real-time. From the experimental results, it is obvious that no matter what type of active pen technology, the touch is shortened under the premise of a 120Hz refresh rate.

In addition, TCL Huaxing said that it has designed and mass-produced a variety of 120Hz + active pen technology flat panel displays, which are listed on the list of many first-line well-known brands.

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