Teclast Storage launches chinese -made e-sports SSD

Teclast announced the launch of a new SSD for e-sports players ---Thunder T-THUNDER NVMe SSD, equipped with the new model of Lianyun Technology MAP1202 main control. Teclast's NVMe SSD can continuously read 3300MB/s and continuously write 3000MB/s. There are two capacities of 512GB/1TB, and more capacities will be introduced in the future. The main control adopts the second-generation PCIe (NVMe) controller chip introduced by Lianyun Technology-MAP1202, which supports PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe1.4 interface technology standard, 22nm advanced process technology, and is smaller than the previous generation, only 7mm*11mm. This SSD uses graphene high-efficiency heat-dissipating paste, which is officially claimed to be able to effectively reduce 10°~20° compared to a solid-state without heat-dissipating paste.

In terms of storage particles, Taipower said, "The particles are said to be 128-layer 3D NAND flash memory particles from Yangtze River Storage." T-THUNDER NVMe SSD will be launched on the JD platform in the near future.

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