Tesla, is still going to enter the mobile phone market

This week, a new batch of rumors surfaced on the Web that the most expensive car company today, Tesla, is still going to enter the mobile phone market. Based on the rumors, the enthusiast has already created unofficial renderings of the smartphone.

It is reported that the back panel will be divided into two colors, and in the upper part, there will be an invisible main camera, the modules of which will appear only in the active state. Tesla's corporate logo will be located below.

It is noteworthy that the source calls the Tesla Model Phone smartphone. Allegedly, in this way, Tesla is going to adhere to the naming scheme for its products (Model S, Model X, Model 3 ...). The phone is rumored to be equipped with a 4K screen, 108MP camera, Snapdragon 898 SoC, and 2TB of flash storage.

Up to this point, Elon Musk succeeded in almost everything he undertook. Only before that, he try to promote extremely innovative ideas, so it's hard to believe Tesla's entry into the smartphone market.

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