The first iPhone with a USB-C port is already available for purchase

Last month, the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute Ken Pillonel unveiled his iPhone X with a fully functional USB-C port to the world. He posted a video in which an iPhone X with a USB-C port charges normally and works in conjunction with a computer.

This phone is now listed on eBay, with the price gradually increasing. At the time of publication, the phone is ready to pay $ 4050 for the phone.

It is worth clarifying that we are talking about a heavily used iPhone X with 64GB of flash memory, which will be shipped in a box without additional accessories. Ken Pillonel also advises not to use it as an everyday phone for the driver, and to restore or erase his data.

The author of the mod also posted a complete guide to creating an iPhone X with a USB-C connector on his YouTube page, describing the entire process. The entire project is also described in a detailed instruction on GitHub for those who decide to modify the iPhone on their own and install a USB-C connector into it.

Ken Pillonel added that he will continue to experiment and hinted at adding a USB-C connector to the AirPods.

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