The iPhone 14 is the first Apple flagship to receive last year's Bionic SoC

Previous rumors and analyst reports indicated that next year Apple devices will use a new SoC based on a 3nm process technology.

According to new information, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Co. (TSMC) faces a number of challenges in the production of new SoCs. These manufacturing difficulties will lead to delays in the delivery of new SoCs. For those who don't know, TSMC is Apple's largest single-chip Apple Bionic partner.

According to engineers familiar with the matter, the new 3nm SoCs will not be available for the iPhone 14 line of smartphones. Despite this, TSMC will start producing 3nm products ahead of its competitors. The iPhone 14 is expected to receive last year's (at the time of the smartphone's release) Apple A15 Bionic, which debuted in the iPhone 13.

However, using the same chipset doesn't mean the iPhone 14 won't get any improvements. Apple can change the performance and efficiency of its platforms, but the changes will still not be very significant.

It is also reported that the iPhone 14 may become the company's first smartphone without a bang with a small hole for the front camera. For many, this change will be enough to buy a new product.

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