The new Apple MacBook Pros have improved not only in performance, but also in terms of maintainability

IFixit got to the brand new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 to disassemble and assess maintainability. Looking ahead, we can note its improvement relative to the previous generation, which is not so often in the case of Apple. 

One of the main differences is the use of adhesive tabs to secure the battery cells to the case. Previously, Apple used glue, which made removing the battery always a problem. True, a couple of mounts are hidden under the touchpad, so you also have to remove it first. 

In general, there is practically no difference between the younger and older models of the new MacBook Pro in terms of design. The batteries have a capacity of 69.6 and 99.6 Wh, respectively, and in both cases, it is a whole garland of six cells. 

Also, experts of the source noted the modularity of many ports, except for HDMI and an SD card slot, but the keyboard, as before, is very difficult to replace, and it is easier to simply replace the entire upper part of the case. Fortunately, there is now no Touch Bar, which will probably have a positive impact on the price. 

As for the motherboard and the new SoC M1 Pro, everything, as always with Apple, is neat and beautiful in its own way. A single-chip system is quite large even without taking into account the RAM chips.  

As a result, Apple's new products earned four points out of ten for maintainability. This is not much, since the main elements, as before, are soldered on the board, but the previous MacBook Pro models received only one or two points, so this is great progress.  

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