The second Apple Apple Store in Berlin, Germany will open in a few weeks

Eight years ago, Apple opened the first Apple Store in Berlin. Now, since 2021, there are more and more rumors about the second retail store, because construction seems to be completed. The German website iFun stated that after paying attention to the construction progress of "an interesting property" in Berlin for nearly five years, they expect Apple to announce a second Apple Store in the next few weeks.

Although Apple has yet to confirm this matter-the most recent (re)opened Apple Store was in Los Angeles-but there are many signs that the Cupertino company will launch a new Apple Store in Germany.

According to the media, Kontin, an interior design company from Poland, has been collaborating with new Apple Stores, such as in Basel, Paris, and Vienna, and posted on Instagram a few weeks ago "We completed the final work in Berlin this week." This, together with the photos, confirms that this is indeed the new Apple Store.

Another thing that indicates that this Apple Store is about to unveil is that its black wooden cladding has been removed, and now people in other buildings can start to see more information about this building.

However, we still need to wait for Apple's official announcement of the opening of the new Apple Store in Berlin.

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