The ZTE AX5400Pro router goes on sale today in China

ZTE AX5400Pro router was released on November 1st, equipped with a self-developed 12-core dual-engine main chip, priced at 599 yuan ($85 dollar), reservation price 549 yuan ($ 85 dollar), will be officially launched at 10:00 this morning in China.

The AX5400Pro adopts a black appearance and a spaceship design, and all 6 independent antennas can be folded 180°.

The product page shows that the 8-core NPU (Independent Network Acceleration Engine) of ZTE AX5400Pro can increase the fast-forwarding performance of data packets by 1400%, and the performance of the 4-core 1.1GHz CPU is increased by 120%. Driven by the dual-engine CPU and NPU, the two-way data throughput can reach 20Gbps.

At the same time, ZTE AX5400Pro is equipped with a 2500M custom network port, which can support 2500M broadband. It can also cooperate with NAS to form a high-speed family private cloud disk, and also supports WiFi6 160MHz bandwidth.

In terms of signal, this router is equipped with 6 independent external signal amplifiers, with the strongest signal enhancement of 6dB. The official said it "supports the use of large houses above 100m2".

In addition, this router also has built-in exclusive NetEase UU and Tencent game accelerators, and supports global game/host dedicated line VIP acceleration.

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