Tianlong's first true wireless headset C630/C830 is on the shelves of the National Bank

Denon, a long-established Japanese audio manufacturer, launched the brand's first TWS true wireless headset in September 2021. The models are AH-C630W and AH-C830NCW. At present, the two headsets have been sold in China, and the prices are $99 USD and $200 USD respectively.

Both Denon headsets are in-ear design, both available in black and white, and support Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC/SBC audio encoding. The C630 headset does not support active noise reduction, and the C830 supports active noise reduction.

The Tianlong AH-C630W is equipped with a 10mm large-diameter moving coil unit, which has been debugged by the Tianlong sound master to bring a broad sense of space and dynamics. The earphone alone weighs only 4.7g, and the shape is ergonomically designed to fit the ear canal. In addition, the weight of the earphone is designed with a low center of gravity, which is not easy to slip off.

In terms of battery life, this model only supports 4.5 hours of battery life and can be used for 18 hours with the charging box. In addition, the product also has IPX4 level waterproof capability, supports independent use of a single headset, and is compatible with voice assistants

The earphones are available in two colors, fairy feather white and magic rock black, with a matte finish, and the price is $99 USD. The shape of the Tianlong AH-C830NCW headset is similar to the first one, except that the surface of the product is mirror-finished. This headset uses an 11mm×10mm oval moving coil unit, and the sound quality has also been improved.

This headset is equipped with three microphones on one side , which are used for calls and noise reduction. The headset has beamforming technology to ensure sound quality during a call even in a noisy environment.

In terms of battery life, the Tianlong AH-C830NCW headset has a battery life of 6 hours when noise reduction is turned off, and 4.8 hours when it is turned on . Combined with the charging box, the battery life can reach 24/19 hours. The earphone handle supports touch operation, you can switch the noise reduction mode, turn on the transparent mode, and call the voice assistant. The headset has a built-in wear detection sensor, and it will automatically stop playing music after it is taken off.

Comparison of two headset parameters:

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