Tim Cook: I feel good about Apple's self-repair project

Apple CEO Tim Cook was optimistic about the upcoming self-service repair service. He believed that the project was very suitable for "trained" technicians and fans.

Apple's self-repair program will be launched in 2022, and users can get genuine Apple accessories and tools to repair iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 on their own. Cook shared his views on this project and other topics at the store relocation ceremony of the Apple flagship store in the Grove Mall in Los Angeles.

"We found that some people want to do this and they have received training," Cook said in an interview with the media. "They are fans of "Popular Mechanics". I like this magazine very much and I have been following it all my life."

Cook said, "It makes me feel good to provide manuals and accessories for people to repair themselves." But he also added that Apple will always serve users who do not want to repair themselves. "If you are not a technician, Then there are us," Cook said.

When talking about what to expect most for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Cook pointed out that Apple has the "best product line" ever, and he doesn't have a favorite thing. "I like it very much. It's like someone asking you: Which child of yours do you like best."

Cook also talked about how the relationship between people and technology has changed due to the epidemic. He believes that "technology has become more important in our daily lives. It allows us to keep in touch with each other and with work." Cook said about the new crown. The epidemic is optimistic that it is "coming to an end", but after that, society will enter a "hybrid mode" and learn from the experience and lessons of remote work.

Cook is still tight-lipped about Apple’s upcoming products as usual, but he also admitted that the company “is very concerned about virtual reality, very concerned about artificial intelligence, very concerned about automation, and concerned about all core technologies."

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