Tmall Elf launches "The Original God" carved clear customized version of the smart speaker

The customized smart speaker of Tmall Genie × Yuanshen Keqing is now on the shelves and pre-sale of all models is available. The price is 229 yuan ($35 USD) and the price is 199 yuan ($31 USD).

The product page shows that the Tmall Genie × Yuanshen Keqing customized smart speaker has features such as Keqing full voice, joint limited peripherals, TME copyrighted music, intelligent voice calls, and visual dot-matrix reminders.

In terms of design, in addition to the joint limited peripherals, this smart speaker also has an exclusive inkjet metal panel, speaker magnets, and a custom silkscreen Logo.

According to reports, Tmall Genie × Yuanshen Keqing customized smart speakers have game-specific customized responses. It should be noted that in order to ensure the comprehensive experience of all users when using Tmall Genie, the wake words of this Tmall Genie are only "Tmall Genie" and "Hello Tmall", and there is no customized wake word or custom wake word service.

In terms of parameters, the Tmall Genie × Yuanshen Keqing customized smart speaker uses a metal front mesh + environmentally friendly ABS plastic + built-in fabric mesh material, with a body size of 153×67.5×63mm and a total weight of about 338g. It is equipped with a 3W/4Ω speaker. With 5×17 white LED dot matrix screen.

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