Toshiba will be split into three companies

Toshiba is considering dividing the company into three parts according to its main business, namely infrastructure, devices and semiconductor memory, and then reorganizing it into three companies.

Toshiba said a few days ago: "It is a fact that business division is being discussed as an option in the process of formulating a mid-term business plan aimed at enhancing corporate value."

It is reported that as of the end of March, Toshiba had a total of 296 subsidiaries and 117,300 employees.

Previous reports have shown that Toshiba has been restructuring its business in recent years. The company closed a factory in Dalian, China at the end of September. This is the company's first production center in China, which has been in operation for 30 years.

In addition, Toshiba also closed a factory in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The factory began operations in 1965 and was Toshiba's first color TV factory, but Toshiba stopped domestic production of TVs in Japan in 2012.

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