TSMC to build a semiconductor factory in Japan

Confirming earlier information , TSMC and Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) jointly announced that TSMC will establish a subsidiary Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing ("JASM") in Kumamoto, Japan, with SSS as a minority shareholder. This enterprise will manufacture specialized semiconductor products on a contract basis using 22-nanometer and 28-nanometer processes.

Construction of the JASM factory in Japan is slated to begin in calendar year 2022 and production is slated to begin by the end of 2024. The factory is expected to create about 1,500 jobs. Its productivity is planned at the level of 45,000 plates with a diameter of 300 mm per month. Initial capital expenditures are estimated at approximately $ 7 billion with strong support from the Japanese government.

In accordance with the final agreements reached between TSMC and SSS, SSS plans to invest about $ 0.5 billion in JASM, which will be less than a 20% stake in JASM.

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