Western Digital's Last Quarter Result in Net Profit of $ 610 Million

Western Digital recently completed its first quarter of fiscal 2022. The released report said that revenue for the reporting period amounted to $ 5.051 billion, which is 3% more than in the previous quarter and 29% more than a year ago when revenue was $ 3.922 billion. Gross profit, which was 23.0% a year ago and 31.8% a quarter ago, reached 33.0%.

The operating income was $ 778 million. For comparison: a year ago the value of this indicator was equal to $ 70 million, and in the previous quarter - $ 675 million.

The result of the last quarter was a net profit of $ 610 million. The company ended the quarter with a net loss of $ 60 million a year ago. In the previous quarter, net income was $ 622 million.

The report provides a breakdown of revenue by segment, from which it follows that the Cloud segment brought the company $ 2.225 billion in revenue. Over the year, this figure has grown by 72%. Revenue in the Client segment for the year increased by 6% to $ 1.853 billion, and revenue in the Consumer segment - by 10% to $ 1.030 billion.

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