Xiaomi leader is delighted with the Xiaomi Mix Fold

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi and chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that after the update, his Xiaomi Mix Fold smartphone has literally been "reborn".

The Xiaomi Mix Fold has been completely revamped. After installing the update, you will receive a new phone and tablet. Now it is a great display of efficiency on the big screen.

This update brings many new features and optimizations, fixes a large number of app bugs, dual-screen connectivity issues, optimizes PC mode, adds MIUI + inter-screen collaboration, and other features. This update for Xiaomi MIX Fold has the longest changelog in MIUI history. The interface is smoother and more stable. The desktop has also been improved on the outer and inner screens. Now there are more than 4000 apps on the list that support the big screen.

The Xiaomi Mix Fold has a large 8.01-inch foldable screen as well as a 6.52-inch AMOLED screen on the outside (it supports 90Hz). The manufacturer claims that the hinge part has been tested for 200,000 folding and unfolding cycles. Overall, however, the hinge is rated for 1 million cycles. The phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 single-chip system, a built-in 5020 mAh battery, and support for 67-watt charging.

During the sale, the Xiaomi Mix Fold with 12/256 GB is offered for $ 1,077.

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