Xiaomi revealed the reasons for the fast discharge of smartphones running MIUI

Fast battery discharge is a problem for all active smartphone users. There are many reasons for this, but which one is the main one? What has the biggest impact on battery power consumption? Xiaomi conducted an interesting study, the results of which are given by the source.

As it turned out, the largest battery consumption (18%) falls on location services. That is, on the GPS. In second place (17%) are energy consumption by applications (games, videos, calls, etc.). This is followed by a screen (Always On or working at maximum brightness) and auto-launch of some applications. And 5G communication, which has already been reproached many times for increased battery consumption, is only in tenth place in the top 10 reasons for fast battery discharge.

Not surprisingly, Xiaomi advises to turn off GPS in all situations when there is no need to determine the location. It should be noted that this study concerns only smartphones running MIUI - in smartphones with other shells, the main factors of battery discharge may be different.

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