Xiaomi smart wheelchair patent is authorized

Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. was granted a patent for "Smart Wheelchair Adjustment Method, Smart Wheelchair Adjustment Device and Electronic Equipment", and the publication number is CN110693654B.

According to the patent abstract of the company, through the method provided by the present disclosure, the smart wheelchair is adjusted according to the obtained user information, so that the shape of the wheelchair can be adapted to the user. Real-time synchronous acquisition of the user's current activity status, and automatically adjust the smart wheelchair in use according to the user's current use environment and behavior status , such as adjusting the height of the seat or the inclination angle of the back of the seat, so that the smart wheelchair is adjusted The form allows users to use them comfortably in various environments, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Methods for intelligently adjusting wheelchairs include:

  • Obtain user information of the user
  • Obtain user's current activity information through real-time collected sounds and/or images
  • Based on user information and activity information, adjust the form of the smart wheelchair

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