Xiaomi: There are nearly 1,000 sunken "service-sales stores"

According to the official Weibo of Xiaomi’s service, Xiaomi announced the double 11 super battle report yesterday. Xiaomi’s service has already served more than 10 million Mi Fans. The report shows that on November 1st, less than 00:00, Xiaomi Smart Customer Service has received nearly 10,000 rice noodles inquiries about pre-sale orders. Just 12 minutes after 00:00, the package of the new mobile phone pre-sale Redmi Note 11 Pro was already living in Changping, Beijing. Mr. Zhong from the district signed for it.

The report also shows that during Double 11, Xiaomi's service team has left a footprint on 8.64 million square kilometers of land across the country, and Xiaomi Logistics has covered almost all regions, towns, and villages across the country.

The 48-hour delivery rate of Xiaomi’s orders is 100%, and more than one million consumers across the country can sign for packages within 38 hours.

In addition, Xiaomi has made breakthroughs in the sinking, and Xiaomi has nearly 1,000 integrated sales and service stores. As of November 2021, Xiaomi's integrated sales and service stores have covered 324 cities and 591 districts, counties, and towns across the country.

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