Xiaomi top managers began to stir up interest in the firmware

Today, unexpectedly, the two top executives of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, and Lu Weibing, have spoken out about the MIUI firmware. The first stated that "[Developers] MIUI are doing everything they can to make [the firmware] better, and [it] will definitely be better ." The second said that “ Redmi Note 11 Pro has an extremely long battery life, which makes people more and more eagerly await the future MIUI ”.

In general, the message is clear: Xiaomi top managers have begun to stir up interest with MIUI 13. Earlier it was reported that the firmware could debut in November, and we probably now have indirect confirmation of these rumors.

It is not yet clear what the efforts of the MIUI 13 developers are focused on. According to rumors, there is no need to expect any special innovations in terms of functionality, but the shell will once again be transformed in terms of the interface: new fonts, icons, animation effects will appear. It is known that Xiaomi is preparing two versions of MIUI 13: on Android 11 for older models and on Android 12 for fresher smartphones.

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