Xiaomi's organizational structure has undergone the latest adjustments and appointment of cadres

 Xiaomi's organizational structure has undergone the latest adjustments and appointment of cadres, which involve the mobile phone department, sales operations, and market systems.

According to Xiaomi’s latest organizational adjustments and cadre appointment notices, Ling Xiaobing served as Redmi’s product manager, reporting to Lu Weibing and Zeng Xuezhong; appointing Guo Feng as the cost director of the mobile staff and reporting to Zeng Xuezhong; appointing Shi Shasha as the product director of Xiaomi’s mobile phone. Report to regular.

In addition, there are a group of cadres appointed in China. What is more familiar to everyone is that Wang Teng served as the general manager of the Henan branch and reported to Lu Weibing.

Du Hui served as the deputy general manager of the first sales operation department and reported to Wang Xiaoyan; Cheng Guang served as the general manager of the authorized store of the new retail department and reported to Shang Jin; the appointed household was welcome to serve as the general manager of the Hunan branch and reported to Lu Weibing; Huang Wen was appointed as the general manager The general manager of the Fujian branch will report to Lu Weibing.

The China market system has undergone structural adjustments and all merged into the China Marketing Department. Xu Fei was appointed as the Vice President of the China Region and the General Manager of the China Marketing Department, reporting to Lu Weibing, the Senior Vice President of the Group and the President of the China Region. There are 7 departments under the brand department, media department, Xiaomi mobile phone marketing department, Redmi mobile phone marketing department, AIoT marketing department, e-commerce marketing department, and retail marketing department.

According to reports, Xiaomi's organizational structure has been adjusting, with new appointments almost every week.

The following is the specific content of this adjustment of Xiaomi's organizational structure:

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