Xinwangda: already has a layout in VR projects

Xinwangda stated on the interactive platform that the company currently has a VR technology R&D team, focusing on engineering innovation, such as the R&D and application of VR haptic interactive products. Secondly, the company does VR foundry, mainly Do VR glasses and related peripheral accessories, such as VR helmets, handles, batteries, and integrated foundry.

In terms of PVDF, Xinwangda pointed out that the company has introduced a number of imported and domestic suppliers at this stage, and will purchase according to market demand in the future.

Regarding the exploration of Qinghai Salt Lake, Xinwangda said that the company currently has prospecting rights in Qinghai Dongtai Jinel Salt Lake, and related prospecting work is still in progress, and there are uncertainties in the relevant reserves and quality. The companies that the company has strategically invested in the upstream of raw materials have the relevant technology for extracting lithium from salt lakes.

It is reported that the mobile phone batteries shipped by the company are mainly lithium-ion batteries, and there is no solar battery for mobile phones.

In addition, Xinwangda said that the BMS chip testing equipment used by the company is both domestically produced and imported. In the future, whether domestic or imported equipment will be used will be adjusted according to customer needs.

Not long ago, Xinwangda’s fixed increase results were released. The issue price was 41.90 yuan per share, and 3.915 billion yuan was raised. Among them, Zhuque Fund was allocated 500 million yuan. E Fund, UBS, Barclays, and other well-known institutions also participated in this fixed increase.

Public information shows that Xinwangda is a well-known manufacturer of lithium-ion battery modules in China. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of lithium-ion battery modules. Its main products are lithium-ion battery modules in the field of new energy. It also covers lithium-ion batteries, Power management systems, precision structural parts, intelligent manufacturing (including automation equipment), and many other fields.

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