Ziguang Zhanrui: 5G NB-IoT chip V8811 is officially commercialized in China's telecommunications system

During the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo held recently, Ziguang Zhanrui and China Telecom announced that Ziguang Zhanrui V8811 security platform was officially commercialized in the Chinese telecommunications system , and Ziguang Zhanrui 5G NB -IoT chip V8811 has integrated China Telecom Mi'anlian SDK.

Zhanrui's new generation of 5G NB-IoT chip platform V8811 is based on the latest frozen 3GPP R16 standard design.

Ziguang Zhanrui stated that V8811 is the industry's first NB-IoT chip platform that has passed PSA Level2 security certification. It also integrates Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)/secure boot/secure upgrade/secure storage/identity authentication/national encryption and decryption, etc. Security capabilities.

According to reports, Zhan Rui has mass-produced a variety of NB-IoT chip products in the NB-IoT field: including 8908A, NB-IoT/GSM dual-mode chip 8909B, etc. V8811 is based on the newly frozen 3GPP R16 standard design, which can coexist with the 5G NR network and access the 5G core network.

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