ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Space Edition official announcement

Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, revealed a few days ago that a new aerospace version will be launched. Today, the official officially announced this new product-ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition, which will be launched on November 25. Released in Wenchang, Hainan.

According to the official statement, ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Space Edition will be the world's first 18GB+1TB version , which means that the aircraft has 18GB of memory and 1TB of storage. IT Home learned that ZTE Axon 30 Ultra was launched on April 19 this year, with a maximum storage combination of 16GB+1TB. This time the space version of the memory has increased by 2GB again, reaching a terrifying 18GB. In addition, judging from the official poster, this model should be available in limited quantities.

According to Ni Fei, the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Space Edition was launched to send blessings to the three Taikonauts (Chinese astronauts) on business trips on the space station. The official price of the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra top configuration is 6,666 yuan, and the space version is priced. It is expected that the tide will rise.

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