AMD will launch the RX 6000S graphics card for a new generation of gaming laptops

AMD may launch a refresh model of RDNA2 architecture notebook GPU-Radeon RX 6000S. According to sources, AMD may use TSMC’s N6 process to build the new Navi 2X GPU.

Compared with the N7 process, TSMC’s N6 process is expected to provide AMD’s new GPU with a higher frequency and energy efficiency ratio. Intel’s upcoming Arc series will also use TSMC’s N6 process. TSMC has stated that N6 will provide 18% higher density than N7 and that N6 is fully compatible with N7 process technology, simplifying transition costs.

AMD will hold a CES conference at 23:00 on January 4, 2022. The RX 6000S graphics card is expected to be released together with the Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors. Brands such as ASUS, Dell, and MSI may release all AMD gaming laptops equipped with Ryzen 6000H processor + RX 6000S graphics card at CES.

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