Apple will increase its iPhone shipment target by 30% in the first half of next year

Apple’s iPhone shipment target for the first half of next year has increased by 30% over this year, and the annual shipment has exceeded 300 million units for the first time.

On December 5th, Apple stated that the iPhone shipment target value for the first half of next year was set at 170 million units, which was 30% higher than this year’s 130 million units, and notified its major component companies to adapt to supply and demand plans. .

Given the high popularity of the latest iPhone13 series, coupled with the inexplicability of parts supply and demand, this goal may be quite a challenge.

Korean media pointed out: Apple’s strategy is to do its best to expand its market share by the first half of next year. IT Home has learned that some organizations have collected data on the Chinese market and found that Apple has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market after a lapse of six years, and that Apple’s Q3 global share has returned to the second place in the world.

Analysts believe that the iPhone 13 series launched this year has been selling very hotly. Currently, more than 80 million units have been sold, which is expected to hit the highest sales volume in history. In the global market including North America, the popularity of iPhone 13 is also soaring, but the current supply is still insufficient, and it even takes more than a month from order to delivery.

According to Korean media reports, Apple's iPhone sales are usually "up-low". After the new iPhones were launched in the third and fourth quarters, they will gradually reach peak sales by the end of the year, but they will decrease slightly in the first half of the second year. On the contrary, as the demand for replacement and the pent-up demand due to the new crown epidemic has grown substantially, the smartphone market is expected to grow substantially.

According to reports, Apple halved the production of iPads and older mobile phones, and concentrated resources on iPhone13.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Electronics, which needed to maintain its leading position in the global market, also set a target for offensive smartphone shipments with next year’s plan. Samsung Electronics has set its target for smartphone shipments next year at 334 million units, an increase of 25% from this year (267 million units). It is planned to double the output of the Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones and expand 5G to all models of the Galaxy A series to increase profitability.

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