ATI Radeon R300/400/500 graphics cards received new Linux drivers and improved performance

ATI Radeon R300/400/500 graphics cards have recently obtained a new version of the driver on the Linux platform, which fixes the bugs that have existed before, and the performance will be improved at the same time.

The ATI Radeon R300 graphics card was released in 2002 , when the game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" was just launched. This game was very popular at the time and is a childhood memory of many players.

This open source driver, made by Emma Anholt, enables these cards to request NIR shaders from the state tracker in the Mesa 3D graphics library and use the NIR to TGSI path.

NIR is an optimized compiler stack located at the core of the Mesa-driven shader compiler. Simply understand, this is an optimization layer that can reduce the workload of the GPU when performing 3D rendering. 

The new Linux driver can improve the game performance of graphics cards such as ATI Radeon R300 and increase the loading speed of games. Although the performance of these graphics cards is far inferior to today's products, for some users who like to use old computers to run classic games, installing this driver can improve the gaming experience.

ATI Radeon R500 series graphics cards, also known as X1000 series, were released in 2006 and use 90nm process technology. R580 model GPU is equipped with ATI Radeon X1900 graphics card, with 384 million transistors, 48 ​​pixel shaders, 16 texture units, and 16 raster units . The frequency is about 600MHz, the memory size is only 256/512MB, and the power consumption is 135W .

The producer of this driver hopes to release a new version of the driver at the same time as Mesa 22.0 is released, this is to ensure the stability of the driver.

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