Dell XPS 8950 flagship design desktop is on sale

At the end of November, Dell launched a new XPS 8950 flagship design desktop, equipped with Intel's just-released 12th-generation Core i9-12900K processor, and for the first time equipped with "Polar Bingxin" water cooling.

At 0 o'clock on December 7th, XPS 8950 flagship design desktop was officially launched, i9-12900K + 16G + 1T SSD + RTX3060Ti configuration, the water-cooled version is priced at 17,499 yuan, and the air-cooled version is 16,499 yuan.

According to the official, XPS is equipped with the "Polar Ice Core" water cooling system for the first time, using a 120x120x27mm heat exchange board and a 4500RPM fan, which reduces the heat dissipation temperature by 18%. XPS 8950 is equipped with a 4500RPM high-speed fan, which is officially said to have a loudness of only 0.48 song when idle, and only 0.61 song when fully loaded, as if you are in a library.

In terms of scalability, this host is equipped with 4 storage expansion slots up to 2TB SSD+2TB HDD, and 4 DDR5 memory slots up to 128G, which is 46% higher than DDR4 performance.

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