GALAXY releases three cost-effective RTX 2060 12GB graphics cards

GALAXY announced three new RTX 2060 12GB products, namely the GALAXY GeForce RTX 2060 12GB General MAX OC, GALAXY GeForce RTX 2060 12GB General MAX, and GALAXY GeForce RTX 2060 12GB Snapdragon MAX Pro. According to reports, the "Jiang" series is the flagship cost-effective product of GALAXY.

GALAXY RTX 2060 12GB General MAX OC / General MAX

GALAXY RTX 2060 12GB General MAX OC / General MAX, the appearance uses pure black as the background color, with blue and white stripes at the beginning and end.

This GALAXY RTX 2060 12GB General MAX with Turing-based light tracking technology has improved performance. Based on 12nm TU106, it integrates 2176 CUDA cores, which is a certain improvement compared to the 6GB version. The original 6GB video memory capacity will be upgraded to 12GB, providing players with a smooth light-chasing gaming experience at 1080P resolution. The general MAX OC version has a Boost frequency of 1695MHz, which is 45MHz higher than the general MAX Boost frequency of 1650MHz, and will have better performance.

The Star Lux radiator adopts a three-fan design, a mechanical fan made with great effort, combined with a special blade design, and the wind is doubled. The through-type three heat pipes and dense reflow fin chip take into account the heat dissipation of GPU, video memory and power supply. In addition to preventing PCB bending, the all-metal backplane provides a better heat dissipation effect, and the contrasting color appearance brings a stronger visual experience.

High-standard materials provide better quality. The power requirement of 550W and the power supply interface of 8PIN are suitable for most power supplies. The configuration of three DP1.4 interfaces and one HDMI 2.0b interface meets the needs of players with multiple screens.

GALAXY RTX 2060 12GB Snapdragon MAX Pro

For the GALAXY RTX 2060 12GB Snapdragon MAX Pro, the full card adopts a silver-black color with a sense of technology, and a blue line design is added to the black part.

The star radiator designed with dual 90mm large fans is matched with the exclusive back panel of the Snapdragon. The dual visual impact design of black hollow and white silkscreen can not only assist the heat dissipation of the graphics card but also strengthen the graphics card to prevent PCB bending.

The 550W power requirement and 8PIN power supply interface, with the classic combination of DP+HDMI+DVI-D, can fully meet the daily needs of players.

Three new GALAXY RTX 2060 12G products will be launched on major e-commerce platforms in the near future.

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