Global 5G network speed has shrunk

Ookla, a network connection speed test service provider, recently released a Speedtest Intelligence survey report for the third quarter of 2021, showing that the average download speed of 5G networks in the third quarter of the world was 166.13Mbps, compared with the same period last year. 206.22Mbps dropped by about 13%, while the average upload speed was 21.08Mbps, a 39% drop compared to 29.52Mbps in the same period last year.

Last year, Norway ranked first with a download speed of 549.02Mbps, but this year the download speed dropped to 426.75Mbps, ranking second. South Korea's download speed increased from 411.31Mbps last year to 492.48Mbps this year, ranking first. The top ten also include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar, Kuwait, Sweden, China, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

The download speed of Bahrain, which ranked 10th last year, was 365.25Mbps, and the download speed of New Zealand, which ranked 10th this year, was 296.15Mbps, highlighting that 5G network speeds have indeed dropped significantly this year.

The reason for the decrease in average network speed is that the calculation method of network speed in some countries and regions has been changed to 5G network specifications. Therefore, the dynamic adjustment of radio waves causes interference and other situations, which affects the average upload and download speed of the network. Ookla expects that after 2022, 5G network speeds in global regions will gradually return to their proper performance with the adjustment of the use of spectrum in various regions.

In addition, compared with the same period last year, the cumulative number of countries that have enabled 5G network services in the world reached 99. In the third quarter of this year, there was a cumulative increase of 13 to a total of 112. As for the number of 5G network base stations deployed, compared with the cumulative number of 17,428 last year, this year it has increased significantly to 85,602, and the deployment density is still mostly concentrated in large cities.

If you compare cities, Seoul, South Korea is currently the world's fastest 5G network download speed, up to 530.93Mbps, followed by Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, and Beijing ranked 11th. As for the penetration rate of 5G network usage, the United States currently has a penetration rate of 49.2%, ranking first, followed by the Netherlands with a penetration rate of 45.1%, while South Korea has a penetration rate of 43.8%, and mainland China ranks 17th. The penetration rate is 20.1%.

The survey report shows that more than half of the Internet population still uses 2G and 3G network services to access the Internet, and these countries and regions may skip the 4G network development in the future and will directly enter 5G network services.

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