Huawei launches FreeBuds Pro 566 version public test

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 566 version public test activities appeared in Huawei mobile phones. IT Home was informed that the prizes for this event were 1 HUAWEI FreeLace Pro wireless headset for test winners and 50 HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro headset protective sleeves for the test encouragement award.

According to Huawei's public test activity, based on three offline activities and exchanges with members, many members have collected the noise reduction needs of many members for high frequency (human voice, typing sound, etc.) and low frequency (subway boom, etc.) in their daily lives. "Siege Lions" continue to work hard to optimize, and the new version of Huawei FreeBuds Pro is recruited for public testing!

Recruitment for all users who have FreeBuds Pro wireless headsets! If you also like Huawei FreeBuds Pro, are willing to dig deeper, and are willing to communicate with Siege Lions about positioning-related issues, come and sign up! 1,000 people were recruited for this event.

Aware of is

  • This public test recruitment is to test the new firmware version of the headset (non-commercial push version) and the version cannot be rolled back. Please register carefully, thank you for your support and understanding!
  • Please confirm that the registration information is filled incorrectly. If you fill in the registration information incorrectly, you will not receive the test version push;
  • The public test version needs to be evaluated by the Huawei Audio R&D team whether the decision version is commercially available, and the public test activity does not promise to push the firmware version commercially.

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