iQiyi Qiyu Dream VR all-in-one is on sale tonight

On the 1st of this month, iQiyi Smart held a press conference in Beijing to officially launch the iQiyi Qiyu Dream VR all-in-one machine. According to the official, the product will be paid at half price when the card is checked in, and then it will be returned at 999 yuan.

 iQiyi Qiyu Dream VR all-in-one machine uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip and is equipped with 8G+128G large memory. The official said the product can still maintain high-definition smoothness when running mainstream high-quality VR game masterpieces on the market. At the same time, Qiyu Dream uses the same self-developed "follow-light" computer vision 6DoF VR interactive solution as Qiyu 3, and realizes dual 6DoF spatial somatosensory positioning of the head and hands, with a new generation of Qiyu OS designed specifically for VR. The system allows users to relax and play freely in the virtual world.

In terms of game introduction, Qiyu VR has established alliances and established partnerships with more than 100 well-known game developers at home and abroad, and the Qiyu game store is rapidly expanding its content pool at an average rate of 3-5 boutiques per month. On the Qiyu VR platform, there are hardcore hits that male players like, such as "Arizona Sunshine", "Crisis Action Team 2", "Mercenary: Smart Crisis", and "Zombie Land: No Bullets"; there are also popular masterpieces for female players. Happy fat-burning music and sports games, such as "Music Future·Sound Project", "All-in-One Sports" and "Dynamic Music Travel".

In terms of film and television, Qiyu Dream can provide a giant screen equivalent to 2000 inches (equivalent to the screen size of 20 80-inch TVs), supports HDR high dynamic lighting rendering, can show thousands of delicate colors, and make image details more rich and natural. Supports HDR high dynamic range images, Dolby Atmos and AI image quality enhancement technology to fully enhance the viewing experience. Support a variety of video experiences, such as mobile phone screen projection, local and LAN video playback, third-party APK installation, etc. In addition, iQIYI also provides 4K 3D movies and 8K panoramic videos with up to 17Mbps stream for Qiyu VR, with a maximum frame rate of up to 60FPS.

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