Jingjiawei's flagship GPU chip JH920 is officially released

Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics Co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference for its flagship new product JH920 at the Jinmao Luxury Collection Hotel, Meixi Lake, Changsha. With the theme of "Horizons, Unbounded Applications", it showed the industry the performance and application scenarios of the new JH920 in an all-round way.

JH920 is Jingjiawei's third-generation high-performance graphics processor chip with completely independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the previous two generations, the performance has been greatly improved. JH920 is mainly used in high-end graphics display, general computing, embedded and other fields. Support 4 independent display output, support multi-screen simultaneous output, support 4 video decoding, 1 video encoding, support OpenGL 4.0, Vulkan 1.1 and other graphics programming interfaces, support OpenGL3.0 computing programming interface, support 4 4K@60fps HDMI 2.0 external video input.

  • JH920 Android application container technology
  • Support anbox, robox, kydroid, Xdriod
  • Support domestic OS platforms to use Android applications such as WeChat, Weibo, and King Glory
  • Support cloud desktop, cloud mobile phone, cloud game
  • Integrate rendering and 4K encoding to reduce processing delay

According to the official introduction, the JH920 chip fully supports domestic CPU, domestic operating system and domestic firmware. It can be widely used in PCs, servers, graphics workstations and other equipment to meet the requirements of geographic information systems, image matching, signal processing, and airborne vehicles. Carrying display control and other display calculation requirements. At the same time, JH920 can also support a variety of game engines, such as OGRE, UE4, Unity3D, etc., and can run a variety of different large-scale stand-alone games and online games smoothly.

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