LG Electronics and China Tinno Mobile signed the "LTE Communication Standard Patent License Agreement"

LG Electronics stated that the company has signed an LTE communication standard patent license agreement with China Tinno Mobile (TINNO), the parent company of the French mobile phone brand WIKO .

According to reports, WIKO will sell LTE mobile phones on the global market in the next few years and will pay LG Electronics a royalty .

LG Electronics also decided to withdraw the lawsuit filed in Germany to ban the sale of Wiko LTE mobile phones.

In 2018, LG Electronics filed an infringement lawsuit in a German district court, requesting WIKO to stop infringing on its 3 LTE communication standard patents. All 3 applications in this case won in 2019. 

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Tinno Mobile is a company that designs for mobile phones and other electronic products. Its own brands include Sugar mobile phones, candy mobile phones, Wiko mobile phones, etc.

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