NVIDIA RTX 2060 12G test released

The major graphics card manufacturers released RTX 2060 12G graphics cards, priced at 3999 yuan. It is worth noting that the RTX 2060 12G currently on the market is not marked with "LHR".

Now, the Pcmarket website has released the evaluation of this graphics card. In the 3DMark Port Royal test, RTX 2060 12G scored 4,511 points. For comparison, RTX 2060 is about 4000, RTX 2070 is about 4600, RTX 3060 is 5120 points, and RX 6600XT is 4500 points .

Under the 2K Ray-Tracing: Ultra setting of "Cyberpunk 2077", the RTX 2060 12G is 84fps, and the RTX 3060 is 100fps.

In terms of mining performance, Pcmarket said that NVIDIA does not limit the Hash Rate performance of the RTX 2060 12G, which has a higher mining performance than the LHR version of the RTX 3060. RTX 2060 12G has an efficiency of 31.65 MH/s (83.44W). For comparison, RTX 3060 is 22.17MH/s (116.05W) and RX 6600XT is 28.75MH/s (107W).

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