OPPO released a 50W ultra-thin and ultra-flash charger

OPPO released a 50W ultra-thin ultra-flash charger "League of Legends Mobile Games" limited edition, using the extremely thin body and innovative "lanyard" data cable design, limited to 6000, Priced at 399 yuan.

According to reports, this limited-edition charger has a new pure black color scheme, with a black gloss like piano paint, more mysterious and more textured; equipped with a new customized X-shaped protective back clip, incorporating the "JINX" signature graffiti elements; innovative charging The data cable used has become the lanyard of the biscuit charger, which is more fashionable and portable on the basis of the original lightness.

This 50W ultra-flash biscuit charger was launched last year, using a new charging technology-pulse charging. The official said that compared to the traditional charging method, pulse charging has a very short charging gap, the polarization reaction of the battery will be eliminated, the loss of the battery will be smaller, and the temperature change will be smaller. OPPO 50W ultra-flash biscuit charger introduces gallium nitride high-frequency switch, which reduces the single energy storage requirement of the transformer, thereby reducing the size of the transformer. OPPO's self-developed ACF (Active Clamp Flyback) control architecture realizes zero voltage (ZVS) and zero current (ZCS) switching, and the switching loss is infinitely close to zero.

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