Saturnose said it will release an enhanced aluminum-ion battery

Saturnose, Asian battery research, and development company announced that it will publicly release its EnhancedAlteredAluminumIon (EaI) battery . The company plans to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries in 2022 and slowly replace lithium-ion batteries that are not cost-effective.

The company said that a set of 15kW aluminum-ion solid-state batteries weighs 565kg, can provide electric vehicles with a battery life of 1,200 kilometers, and support 20,000 cycles of charge and discharge, and can achieve a stable life of up to 15 years in the car.

The EaI project was initially funded by Saudi Arabia's Dana Venture Fund and has been under low-key development for the past five years. Saturnose plans to put the project into production in 2022 when it will become the world's first commercial aluminum-ion solid-state battery.

It is reported that the life cycle of aluminum ion battery technology is much longer than that of lithium batteries. It can experience 2000 charge and discharge cycles without significant performance degradation. In addition, the new battery is very safe and the possibility of fire is very low. At the end of the service life Later, it is easier to recycle than lithium batteries.

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