Shenzhen released its hydrogen energy industry development plan

According to the official website of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission issued the "Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2021-2025)" on December 17.

According to the plan, by 2025, Shenzhen will form a relatively complete hydrogen energy industry development ecosystem, build a hydrogen energy industry technology source, advanced manufacturing agglomeration highlands, and a multi-scenario application demonstration base, realize the commercial application of hydrogen energy, and the scale of the hydrogen energy industry will reach 50 billion yuan .

By 2025, the application demonstration of current hydrogen energy in transportation, distributed power generation, cutting-edge emerging and crossover fields, including demonstration fuel cell vehicles of no less than 1,000, construction of no less than 10 hydrogen refueling stations, distributed energy, There are no less than 100 sets of combined heat and power and backup power applications, 1-3 hydrogen ships, and no less than 100 hydrogen drones.

The plan also points out that, looking forward to 2035, the scale of Shenzhen's hydrogen energy industry will reach 200 billion yuan , forming a hydrogen energy industry that integrates hydrogen production, storage, transportation, processing, and application, with key technologies reaching international advanced levels. System, the proportion of hydrogen energy in the final energy consumption has increased significantly, forming a strong support for the green and low-carbon transformation of Shenzhen’s energy structure.

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