Tencent Video’s annual report is released

As 2022 approaches, major platforms have gradually begun to provide "annual summary reports." Tencent Video has now released user year-end data for 2021, which seems to be to celebrate the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The event is full of various ice and snow sports elements.

First open the following URL: click here, or search for "2021 Figure Skating" on Tencent Video.

Then you will see the data authorization request:

According to your authorization, Tencent Video will query your viewing information and membership information under your authorized Tencent Video account from January 1, 2021, to the day of authorization, and perform statistical analysis to generate your own personal annual view. Video report, you can check the report by yourself and keep it, or click to share.

You also need to log in to your account here.

After you start to view it, Tencent Video will automatically play your data summary. It is worth mentioning that this report is similar to a video, and users seem to have no way to pause or fast forward.

After the playback is complete, you can choose to watch or save the video again. After saving, you can freely share it with other friends. In addition, there is a hidden easter egg in the upper right corner of this page. Clicking in is a big data summary of Tencent Video in 2021, which tells the usage habits and trends of young people and users.

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