The governor announced that Texas will be built as the "hometown of semiconductors."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Greg Abbott) announced yesterday that the state will become a “concentration of semiconductor manufacturing in the future” when there is a shortage of chips.

The Republican governor said in an interview: "In the past ten or two decades, the United States has made a mistake by outsourcing the production of all necessities, including semiconductors and urgently needed medical supplies. We should not rely on other countries to meet our needs. Basic needs. This is also the reason why Texas is leading the trend. Being the home of semiconductors can meet people's daily needs. Everything from electronic devices to the production of cars is inseparable from semiconductors."

Recently, Texas has also moved in this direction in action, absorbing many corporate investments and settlements. Last month Samsung announced that it would build a $17 billion semiconductor factory in Taylor, Texas. Abbott said at a press conference that this is "the largest foreign direct investment in Texas' history." Kinam Kim, vice president and CEO of Samsung's electronic device solutions division, predicts that if the Taylor plant is fully operational, it is expected to directly create more than 2,000 high-tech jobs and create thousands of related jobs.

In addition, Tesla recently officially announced that it will move its headquarters in California, USA, to the newly built super factory in Austin, Texas. Abbott also cited data to point out that in the first 11 months of 2021, 70 companies and companies have moved their headquarters to Texas, meaning that on average, a new headquarters will be located in Texas every five days.

Abbott emphasized that companies have successively moved to Texas because it is a land full of economic opportunities and innovation, and there are no injunctions that violate personal freedom.

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