TP-Link launches the "Arc of Prosperity" AX6600 Wi-Fi6E router

The TP-Link "Arc of Prosperity" AX6600 Wi-Fi6E wireless router is now available for pre-sale, with an initial release of 1599 yuan, and the official sale on December 31.

TP-Link "Arc of Prosperity" AX6600 is a three-band 8-stream specification, supports 160MHz frequency model, supports 4K QAM transmission mode is equipped with 10G custom port and 2.5G network port; supports frequency band custom function, You can freely set the frequency band as a "game dedicated frequency band"; support three-band Mesh, with larger backhaul bandwidth and lower latency.

In terms of configuration, TP-Link "Arc of Prosperity" AX6600 is equipped with 12 high-power independent FEMs, and 12 external high-power independent FEMs (1 FEM contains 1 PA and 1 LNA); it adopts antenna hidden design and integration The array antenna system replaces the complex antennas and integrates high-quality unit antennas, scientific antenna combinations, signal sea noise technology, and efficient scheduling algorithms.

The pre-sale of TP-Link "Arc of Prosperity" AX6600 will start on December 20th and will go on sale on December 31st.

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