TrendForce: The price of global power management chips will increase by 10% this year

TrendForce TrendForce today released a report saying that due to the short supply of power management chips (PMICs) that are short of semiconductor shortages, the price increase will continue, and the average selling price (ASP) is expected in 2021. The annual growth rate is nearly 10% , a record high in the past six years.

The report pointed out that the use of power management chips in the global market has increased significantly. Among them, Qualcomm and MediaTek (MTK) are limited by the shortage of mature process capacity of foundry, and their own power management chips are also quite tight.

In addition, under the recovery of the auto market, the current IDM industry car chip orders have generally been scheduled to the end of 2022.

TrendForce Consulting believes that the demand for power management chips in the fourth quarter continues to be strong, and the overall production capacity is still in short supply. With IDM manufacturers leading the increase, the price of power management chips will remain high-end.

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