TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou: Do not believe Kissinger can bring Intel back to the grand occasion before retirement

TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou said a few days ago that in view of Intel’s 65-year-old retirement rules, since Kissinger is 60 years old , he does not believe that Kissinger can lead Intel back to its grand occasion in five years.

According to Taiwanese media "Business Times", for Intel CEO Kissinger recently made frequent comments on TSMC, Zhang Zhongmou said that this is because TSMC is already Intel’s big or biggest competitor, and Kissinger hopes to help Intel The US government is asking for more subsidies.

In his speech, Zhang Zhongmou also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of building factories in the United States and Taiwan. As far as the foundry environment is concerned, the US's advantage lies in hydropower and land, while the advantage of China's Taiwan region is talent . In terms of geopolitical factors, California is not necessarily safe.

Zhang Zhongmou further pointed out that Taiwan, China has a large number of outstanding engineers and technicians, and has convenient transportation and good dispatching capabilities. On the whole, the cost of setting up factories in the United States is higher than in Taiwan, and even with subsidies, in the long run, it may not be able to make up for the competitive disadvantages.

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