TSMC veteran Yang Guanglei joined Intel

According to Taiwan media reports, Yang Guanglei, the head of the R&D division of Frontier Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., who resigned as an independent director of SMIC last month, will go to Intel as a technical consultant. This news has been confirmed by Yang Guanglei and Intel.

However, the industry believes that even if Yang Guanglei joins Intel, it will be difficult for Intel to surpass TSMC in the field of the foundry, because Yang Guanglei was responsible for the research and development of point 18, 1.3 microns, and 65-nanometer advanced process during his service at TSMC, which are mostly mature processes. And has retired for many years. At the same time, the United States also lacks the cooperation of a team of engineers.

Intel responded that Yang Guanglei joined Intel. The flow of talents is normal in various industries. The company welcomes experts from all walks of life to join this international family.

Previously, Yang Guanglei joined SMIC in July 2019 and was appointed as the company's third-class independent non-executive director and member of the remuneration committee. He received an annual cash remuneration of US$50,000, including US$45,000 for serving as an independent non-executive director and serving as salary $5,000 for committee members.

In addition, Yang Guanglei will also receive options to subscribe for 187,500 ordinary shares and 187,500 restricted shares.

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